4D Virtual Builder Sketchup Plguin For Construction Professionals

4D Virtual Builder SketchUp Plugin is developed by a Belgian company D-Studio who have BIM & GIS expertise and give 4D, 5D, 6D and xD solutions for the construction industry. This Sketchup Plugin is specially designed to enhance Sketchup capabilities for BIM users. The basic purpose of the 4D Virtual Builder for Sketchup is to clarify project organization depicting entire process in 3D form. When project management becomes complex due lots rules applied, this plugin has the perfect solution. You can link you project from Microsoft, Primavera and Powerproject schedules dynamically to SketchUp models with it. It automatically synchronize the schedules whenever there are modified and generate scenes per time interval quite efficiently. Creating reports and sharing among the concerned is quick and simple.

It makes the production of animations, presentations or reports of Sketchup easier. Basically these 4D Models are used for communication between the partners involved in the construction but it can be also used for distributing information openly to public area.

4D Virtual Builder Sketchup Plugin

Features Of 4D Virtual Builder Sketchup Plugin

  • A real planners tool, making 4D planning easy and interactive.
  • 4D VB is the perfect tool for early design phases, when projects and building programs are being defined.
  • Intuitive environment focused on the essential 4D planning.
  • Dynamic linking with 3 major planning tools and a combined view of multiple schedules.
  • The strong communicative power of SketchUp.
  • Making part of the powerful site-2-bim and bim-2-site Trimble solutions.
  • Suited for site management, city planning as well as in house moving.
  • Fast report generation.
  • Powerful engine based on BIM objects.
  • IFC compatible.

You can download the plugin from official website which gives you option to download for 32bit and 64bit both.

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