Advantages Of Insulated Panel For Home

Are you exploring sustainable living solutions? Want to build your home in an Eco friendly manner? To achieve great level of comfort and energy independence SIPs or Structural insulated panels are proven to be the best method for building quality homes. These are high performance building panels that help to make homes energy efficient.

SIPs can be custom designed for every home and these are highly cost effective and robust. These are manufactured under factory controlled conditions and offer enormous benefits. Building with SIP will allow you to save time and labor. Following are some more benefits explained in detail:

Ideal For environment:

Eco friendly structural insulated panels home kits are exported around the globe for it produce less waste material. It retains the heat efficiently and therefore less amount of heat is wasted. SIPs can be heated easily and less amount of carbon dioxide is released.

To build the SIP walls limited amount of energy is used and as compared to conventional buildings less amount of raw material like timber is used for the construction. Thus, it impacts the environment in a limited way.


More Ventilation Less Pollutants Production:

SIPS homes kit produces fewer amounts of greenhouse gasses which is good for the dweller and the environment.

Energy efficient building helps to control the flow of air, moisture and heat. The mechanical ventilation system and heat recovery ventilators help to circulate the internal air properly and unwanted moisture is expelled with the other pollutants.

 Insulated panel

Fast construction:

SIP homes are constructed quickly when compared to traditionally framed buildings. The SIP installation crew can reduce their framing time by 55 percent when compared to conventional wood framing (As per the study conducted by R.S. Means).

Roof sections and entire walls can be installed quickly. As electrical chases are provided in the core of panels, the need to drill via wiring studs is eliminated. SIPS are ready to install materials so the need to frame, insulate and sheath the walls is dismissed.

Cost Effective Solution:

Well sized broilers and furnaces use less energy to heat the buildings. As the building efficiency is increased, it ultimately helps you cut down on the energy bills. The annual heating bill helps the home owners save drastically.

Sandwitch insulated panel

Moisture Control And Improved Safety:

When the heat flow is controlled well in the building, it helps to prevent cold and hot spot occurrence across different rooms. Controlling the air leaks and increasing appropriate ventilation keeps the moisture in control. Thus, condensation and fogging is reduced on the windows and humidity level is controlled too.

Within 3 to 4 hours stale and moist air is replaced with fresh air. Material used for fabricating and assembling SIPs are safe. Allergens are reduced and it improves indoor comfort. Walls are airtight and soundproof so there is no disturbance to the dwellers as well.


Resale Value Is Increased:

Building an insulated home is an investment and running SIP home is easy on budget. It helps to attract many prospective buyers because insulated homes help to meet the lifestyle needs of the buyers without being extravagant.