Application Of MgO Boards In Building And Construction

magnesium oxide board wall panels

The Magnesium Oxide board has become a popular product that is widely used in constructing various buildings. Owing to its benefits the MgO board is used in constructing both domestic and commercial buildings. The primary reason for it being widely used lies in the fact that that it is a technologically advanced building material offering advanced and superior performance in various categories. But when compared to gypsum, traditional wood and other cement based products these MgO products seem far more reliable. Another added advantage is that these are eco-friendly and easily installed.

The MgO products are impervious to water, fire, moulds, insects and mildew. They are non toxic and non combustible things that can be freely used in kitchens and bathrooms. These are mineral based green builder products. There is no de-lamination as they are homogenous products.

You can use them in both exterior and interior of the buildings:

  •         Paint
  •         Portland type stucco
  •         Stone
  •         Brick
  •         Wall paper
  •         Cloth finishes
  •         Plaster


As far as the products from Magnesium Oxide Board Corporation Pty Ltd are concerned these are made by following high standards of quality check. These are superior finish, high durability, fire, moisture, impact, insect and mould resistance and superior structural properties make it suitable for many building applications. They are approved and are used worldwide in various kinds of architectural designs. The products are available with manual instructions which help the engineers to install the SIPs properly.