Best Construction App For Mac Of 2015

viewpoint for mobile

Recent study shows, 58% of American adults owned a smartphone, or tablets and they spend nearly 3hrs every on these mobile devices. Keep this in mind, most of the Construction Software development company are focusing on developing app for Android and IPad users. Plenty of companies are in list but what the mostly preferred and popular app is – ViewPoint.

Viewpoint is a one of the leader in providing innovative construction-specific software solutions to the construction industries. Keeping the maximum use of mobile devices, ViewPoint launched – ViewPoint For Mobile. During field data collection and management, Many contractors are faced with the time-intensive task of re-keying data from the field. ViewPoint For mobile application not only increases productivity and decreases expenses, but can enhance the overall operation as well. With Viewpoint For Mobile, field employees can easily enter crew or their own time; record their hours on equipment, and quickly and accurately enter and track production hours and units on smartphones and tablets.
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