Finalize Your Kitchen Projects With 2016 Click-Change Sketchup Plugin

2016 Click-Change is the latest Sketchup plugin for artist who wish to give extra edge to design their kitchen project. It is simple and efficient offering over 4000 kitchen furniture references in the new collection IKEA 2015. Each component of 2016 Click-Change Sketchup plugin is dynamic and can of change appearance with a simple click. It allows you to choose your own material to get out of the IKEA range for a 100% personalized cuisine, so customization is really simple. 2016 Click-Change can help you if you don’t have a library under the elbow or even Internet. Besides free and complementary items, 2016 Click-Change have lots to offer in full version i.e – 200 Kitchen furniture, 20 models of Doors and 25 worktops, Over 4000 references existing commercially, 10 Handles and knobs, One color customizable for apply all types of materials in your kitchen and workshop.

Installing and use of 2016 Click-Change is simple. Place your object 3D and then use the tool “interact with the dynamic components” to change the appearance of your model. To display the icon “Interact with the dynamic components”, go to the menu displayed > toolbars > dynamic components.

Download free complementary Click-kitchen here:!click-cuisine-sketchup-usen/ctin

More details about 2016 Click-Change Sketchup plugin is available here.

2016 Click-Change

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