The Fireproof Magnesium Oxide Boards Gaining Popularity In US

Magnesium oxide boards or MgO boards are the very commonly used structural component which is being used since a few decades ago. It has gained popularity as a building construction material due to its availability in the world.

Magnesium oxide is a type of hygroscopic mineral found in solid form and is obtained from the magnesium source. This magnesium oxide is processed through some steps and then only it is used as a board that can be included in the making of the wall,  ceiling and many more structural purposes. In the ancient days, it was used as a stabilizer and mortar component to the bricks of soil. Even in the world famous Great Wall of China, this material has been used as a primary component. There are many magnesium board suppliers, but the MgoAmerica is the one who is the busiest company to make thousands of Magnesium wall delivery per day.

White solid material can be seen in the decorated hotels, museums, art galleries and many more sophisticated places. The magnesia is a versatile mineral to be used in the construction works by mixing with the cement. After mixing well, it is cast into the cement panels that undergo appropriate curing methods.


Manufacturing Process Of MgO Boards Reveals The Superiority

The MgoAmerica processes it with the help of an automated production line to yield it very easily at a low cost. As this company is renowned magnesium oxide suppliers, they do not need to buy it separately, here the cost of buying the MgO is reduced.

The computer controls the entire line of machines, and only 5-8 workers are involved in this process. A high level of automation is observed through this. They produce almost 4000 sheets of Magnesium Boards within 10 hours that shows the skill of the workers about the method. The ecmd moulding is done under the supervisors of the mill which determines the shape of the boards.

Various thickness of boards is produced which can be in the range of 2mm to 30mm such that any structural work can be done with this. Otherwise, the boards are made in a lot according to the demand of the exporters. The mixture of the materials is made so well that it shows the stability over a long time and also the chance of deformation of the sheets becomes lower.

The cutting and the separating of the boards are done with the help of machines, and it is controlled by using the PLC, which has proved to be time consuming and efficient. Thus the accuracy is maintained by the MgO America for processing the best quality boards.

Advantages of using Magnesium Oxide boards as a wall or ceiling material

There are several reasons due to which the magnesium oxide boards are popular in the construction of the commercial buildings. They are as follows:

  • Magnesium oxide has a very strong bonding between the oxygen and magnesium. So the durability is maintained.
  • This is one very good fire resistance Therefore it is very much advantageous to use in the large buildings.
  • It is environment-friendly and can be synthesized very easily.
  • The sips suppliers have to use common tools, and modern computer software can handle the cutting and processing of the boards.

There are many more pros that have maintained the tradition of using this ceiling making item even in the multi storied buildings. Many times it has also helped people to survive from natural calamities as they are used in constructions. This MgO America is one of the companies who is well researched about the use of the element so are trusted by people worldwide.