Google Sketchup Plugin Review – Sandbox Tools

Latest Google Sketchup plugin review is on Sandbox tool. From the Google extension, Sandbox tool is one of the popular architectural plugin. This plugin implements the concept of a sandbox that basically refers to any surface area which can be generated and manipulated using sandbox tools.

Sketchup Plugin Review - Sandbox Tool
This Sketchup plugin is basically handy for Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Film & Stage, Gaming, Heavy Civil, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning industries. Architects, 3D Modelers drawing irregular models mostly prefer this Sketchup extension because it is perfect for terrain Modeling. Beyond its basic features, you can experience the advance features that are hidden by default and mostly used by professionals only. There are bundle of toolbar options to use for different purpose.

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Sandbox Tool is compatible with all version of Sketchup and Operating system. Download this Sketchup plugin free to experience its advantages –

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