How To Estimate Construction Cost Using Excel Sheet – Download PDF Ebook

The job of an estimator is to forecast accurate cost estimation of a project as accurately as well as the required amounts of materials, labor, and equipment necessary to complete the work. Cost Estimation is not just a science but an art and if you know it, you can bid any project you desire.

Many contractors does use software to get their result in real time but cost estimation using excel is not a bad option if you have skill on spreadsheet. Contractors or Estimator just need to focus on three key features that can make them successful bidder

  1. Understanding of the construction process
  2. understanding of the fundamental principles of estimating
  3. Experience Enough to present everything on spreadsheet

Keeping everything in mind, the famous writer Steven J. Peterson has published second edition of construction cost estimation using Excel. The most popular book for contractors has everything they need. Nearly 400 pages of E-Book will make you understand how to estimate Construction cost, planning for the bid using excel sheet and many more.
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