Make Your Text 3D With 3D Text Editor Sketchup Plugin

This is very simple Sketchup plugin which makes your text turn in to 3D at your desire. 3D Text Editor is one of the finest drawing plugin for 3D Modelers. Create and move around and manipulate your 3D text easily with 3D Text Editor.

3D Text Editor sketchup plugin

Once you have installed the plugin, you can find Draw » Editable 3d Text on Menu bar. You will promted with a dialough box to type anything within the box. You will also get the option to choose the text styling, height and depth. You will get you 3D text which can be easily manipulated. You can lock using rotate tools, hold Shift button to select the plane and type the angle you want. You text will be movable from that point. You can also select the edges to give it appropriate size. Explore the plugin to use it for yourself.

Watch the video tutorial to know how to create 3D Text in Sketchup

Cons: There is only problem that this 3D Text Editor Plugin doesn’t work with well under OSX as it does great with Windows.

Download 3D Text Editor Sketchup Plugin

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