Most Popular Construction Project Management Software 2016

The perspective for construction industry this year is positive. Constructions in all segment are all seen to increase this year between 5-15 % in which more than $600 billion in the US. Companies have to deal efficiently with their Project Management Software to reach an objective at a given schedule, budget and quality. Here selection of best construction project management software among huge number is also a challenge for any company. We are taking on each software to give you fair idea before you make your selection. After Procore and Aconex, we can definitely say Relatics is best suitable for construction and civil engineering industry. Relatics is a cloud based platform mostly used by Governments, contractors and consultancy firms.

The project management software for construction should be time efficient, easy to use, remove the redundant data and meet your requirements. It is based on semantic technology and enables users store all kinds of project objects and integrate them in a meaningful way. Relatics is pretty simple and release numerous spreadsheets to for easy adjustment and understanding. The Software is very much interactive and easy to handle that even a non-IT person can use it quite easily but the business user should control the information needs. Relatics offers an extremely flexible architecture that can be constantly tailored to the project needs. Relatics offer better distributed system that allows it be accessible from any location, any device and further it can be easily integrated with external software systems. Creating any report as per your need is simple that offer better insight.

Construction Project Management Software Features – Relatics

  • Bid Management
  • Change Orders
  • Contract Management
  • Contractors
  • Permit Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Submittal Management
  • Task Management
  • Incident Reporting


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Based on several users, we didn’t find something big for this section except, You get the information out of Relatics on paper which needs some hand work.

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