Project Cost Estimating Spreadsheet For Contractors

Cost Estimation for any construction is very tough job if you have a appropriate calculation method. Many software programs are available but it can be done with a simple spreadsheet also. Though spreadsheet have limitation and unlike software program exposure, it has lots of manual work to do but many prefer to go with these templates. Here is a construction cost estimating spreadsheet which perfectly works for Road construction, bridge construction, building construction and many others.


The construction cost estimating spreadsheet have three separate sheet within the file for – Project Overview, Assumptions & cost Estimations. For example a Bridge construction project has been considered and shown in the sheet. A rough assumption sheet is prepared to include all possible aspects withing the project. Contractors will get almost everything they need for project cost estimation. The Assumptions Worksheet may differ depending the ‘Level of Estimate’ being prepared (conceptual, planning, prelim, detailed, pre-tender) and the approach of the Estimator.  This is a SAMPLE of areas and items to consider and include. It is not an exhaustive list and/or may include items not applicable to all estimates.

In the final sheet, you get every assets to consider to evaluate the calculations. All direct and indirect cost elements are mentioned. One only need to put base estimate and contingency to get the total cost estimation.

Download Construction Cost estimating Spreadsheet:

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