Quantity Takeoff Made Easy With 2016 BiMUp 5D For SketchUp

Detailed measurement of materials and labors is always needed during a construction project. Sketchup is undoubtedly is one of the best pick to draw your architectural project but quantity takeoff was not very easy task until BiMUp introduced a new plugin – 2016 BiMUp 5D for SketchUp. Estimator can now perform not only Quantity Takeoff but Bill of Materials (BOM/BOQ) with a simple click of BiMUp 5D at any design stage. If you are regular user of BIM, BiMUp 5D could be really helpful software that enables quantities to be taken off from your SketchUp model. According to BIMUp, they have focused on some other design aspects as well including – Space requirements, Furniture Requirements and Daylight factor and few more.

Performing complex calculations using formulas is really simple with an instant reports as required using bespoke templates. The reports can be avail in *.PDF or MS Excel *.CSV file formats with information associated with 3D model. The templates includes many features like –

  • Count of Groups, Components, DCs
  • Length, Width/Depth and Height Calculation (any element – beams, columns, windows, doors etc.)
  • Area Calculation (room/floor, cladding, roof tiles, intumescent paint, soft or hard landscape etc.)
  • Volume Calculation (concrete, insulation – can be converted to packs etc.)
  • Weight Calculation based on volume or length (steel, stone etc.)
  • Conversion of Volume (to bricks or blocks etc.)
  • Windows schedule
  • Doors schedule
  • Extra Information can be embedded (manufacturer, specification, contact details, location within building etc.)
  • Labour and contingency can be added
  • Price and Taxes can be added


More details about the Enriched/Embedded Data in 2016 BiMUp 5D For Sketchup is available here.

2016 BiMUp 5D for SketchUp

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