Review Of Construction Takeoff Software – SureCount

SureCount Construction takeoff software

ConEst Software System is one of the leading solution provider for construction industry with its innovative takeoff software, estimating software and many project management software. They are expertise in building for electrical, data & Telecom contractors. SureCount is one of their popular construction takeoff software capable of eliminating expensive reproduction costs and slashes takeoff time by letting you count and measure right on screen, even automatically counting multiple symbol types all at once. This takeoff software will dramatically improve your estimation skill and takes lesser time, so you can takeoff more project. Direct Takeoff to ConEst IntelliBid Measure distances on screen Extensive reporting capabilities Export to Excel.

Key Features Of SureCount

  • Direct Takeoff to ConEst IntelliBid for a complete BOM with one click using the industry’s leading database of materials and labor units
  • Measure linear distances on screen
  • Separate counts by selecting areas on a drawing for itemized pricing or other requirements
  • Snipping tool lets you capture any portion of the drawing with your edits for sharing via email
  • Compare drawing revisions using SureCount’s overlay feature
  • Patented technology automatically counts multiple symbol types simultaneously
  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Export to Excel

Watch The Video Of SureCount To Quickly Estimate

System Compatibility & Requirements

  • Windows® 10,8.7
  • Processor 3GHz or higher recommended Minimum 4GB RAM for local SQL installation- 8GB recommended
  • Display resolution 1600×1024 minimum
  • Monitor size: Desktop 24″ or higher Laptop 13’or higher