Smooth Sculpting With Sketchup Plugin – Artisan Organic Toolset

Weather you are creating any building or terrain surface in Sketchup, you need to shape it, isn’t it? Without shaping it, your model doesn’t give real feel. Artisan Organic Toolset Sketchup Plugin is really powerful sculpting tool which is incredibly brush out the edges of your model. It is ideal for creating Terrain and landscapes, characters, furniture, Abstract sculptures and decorative objects, Fabric, curtains, pillows and Rocks, Trees, and Plants.

Artisan Sketchup Plugin

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Artisan Organic Toolset Sketchup Plugin has Robust subdivision algorithm that can handle very complex geometry. In latest Artisan 1.2 several changes have been made. The Sculpt brush is now much faster and can be used on more complex meshes. auto Smooth sculpt option is there which smooths out brush strokes made using ‘Sculpt’ mode. Once the stoke is complete, the area automatically get smoothed. The new changes like using SHIFT key allows you to constrain sculpting strokes to purely vertical movement. To explore more features of Brush Tool, Vertex Transformation Tools, Mesh Optimization (Polygon Reduction) and Subdivision Surfaces of this plugin, you need to download the trial version for 15 days and once the free version expires, you will be promoted to buy the license to use. The plugin is highly positive rated and recommended by Sketchup users.


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