Top 10 Free Construction Estimating Software For Any Type Of construction business

Qualified and experienced estimators often use software or excel sheet to estimate and perform simple takeoff for any type of construction business. They have to be accurate to win jobs and make profit out of it. Performing quantity take off for any project manually is very tedious job, hence they prefer construction estimating software which comes free because investment at initial stage in estimating software could be really expensive.

So in this blog, I am going to tell you about top 10 free construction estimating software that comes handy and could be use for any type of construction business.

Let’s begin with

Methvin Estimating Software

Methvin Construction Estimating Software is very user friendly online application. It comes with estimating package for the every type of construction business. This software has got pretty simple interface which is easy to use. You can insert your required selling or gross rate directly into the pricing schedule that can be exported or printed easily. With a unique features of simple drag and drop option makes your job much easier for complex calculations. Also included is the ability to produce “Invitation to Tender” letters from a Supplier Database. It save your time a lot.

Construction Template Store

Cost: For single user this software is completely free but business there is different package available on official website.


Easy-Pro Builders Estimator

Easy-Pro Builders Estimator

Easy-Pro Builders Estimator is another most popular free free construction estimating software which is based on spreadsheet system. Basic features of this software includes Automated labor, material cost and tax calculations which will be done by pre-defined formulas. You will get professional Worksheets for 24 trades. There is Macro buttons to speed navigation between worksheets. Easy manual instruction and reporting options makes is great choice among Estimators and contractors. It is designed to handle small and midsize business types. It is completely compatible with Microsoft Excel and Mac OS 10.6.

Cost: This estimating software is completely free but maker of this software request for .01 percent donation of the total job value when you win a bid.



ContractorTools construction estimating software for mac

ContractorTools is another construction estimating software especially designed mac, ipad and iphone.  It can quickly synchronize with QuickBooks that helps you to do professional construction estimation. It can generate invoices and payments easily with your iPhone or iPad as well. You can also sync between multiple devices and multiple people within your company. You can add your company logo and signatures to your documents instantly. ContractorTools is very much customized application suitable enough to win a job for you. The company offer different pricing once your free version is over that offers various features and flexibility. So if you are looking for free construction estimating software for mac, you can definitely try ContractorTools.

Cost: Free for 30 days. Only $9.99 to begin with the basic plan.



iScope construction estimating software

Stephen Hadhazi, an insurance adjuster and software developer is the man who has designed iScope after finding lack in features specific to his line of work. He named it damage Estimating software because it is suitable for use by remodeling and light residential and commercial contractors. It removed issue like redundancy in every line, hard to add pictures, customized statements. Now this construction estimating software is featured with image import, Room lists with standard dimensions, Options to adjust prices by a percentage or dollar amount, Time-stamped footer and Cover letter template. iScope calculates costs and generates a detailed project report which includes expected overhead and profit.

Cost: Free to download and use but if you want to access Craftsman Book Company cost database, you need to take the subscription but that has also option for 30 days free trial.



Estimate construction estimating software

ESTIMATE is another extreamly popular construction cost estimating software free to download and use. This fills the gap where most of the free software don’t reach. It has been designed for all size of construction business including large civil construction companies. It more robust open source software features packed software which does much more than just estimation. It is very much scalable and customizable allowing you to modify every detail, right down to the units of measure. ESTIMATE has five core modules ie. – Costing Master, Projects, Utilities, Reports, Administration. For more details about its features, you can visit here –

Cost: It is free to use but developer of this application request for donation as this requires IT/programming knowledge which can be given by them.

Estimator Application
Estimator Application

Estimator Application is very simple free program to use. It doesn’t come with any advanced installed programmed but has enough functionality that can print an estimation and a proposal. All you need to do is Unzip the file and place at your desired location and you are ready to go. This free construction estimating software has Default cost library, Option to import and export cost libraries to and from Excel, Cost calculations and Proposal generator which can get your job done without any hassle. Initially you need to give time to learn to use it but its all worth as it comes completely free. But the only limitation it has is, it has been designed for small construction business only.

Cost: Estimator Application is completely free to use.


PlanViewer construction estimating software

You must have gone through On-Screen Takeoff Software Review in my previous blog. As On-Screen Takeoff Software is paid version, PlanViewer is free estimating software from On-Screen. Since it a free version, it has some basic functionality but good enough for Estimators and contractors to use it. With this application, estimators can view drawings and perform simple takeoff. You can View PDF, JPEG and AutoCad files and raster images, Highlight and add text to images, Perform linear and area measurements and count objects easily. You only need to import the drawing file and then it can automatically perform simple takeoff and mark it up using annotation tools but you won’t be able to save this work as it needs premium version.

Cost: Free to use but have limitation till you get the paid version


Vu360 construction estimating software

Vu360 is completely free free digital document viewer annotation program which allows viewing, takeoff, markup and communication of your construction documents. It is web browser based application developed by Blue Book Network. This software is very much suitable for general construction work, including electrical, plumbing, concrete, landscape etc. You can simply upload the drawing and it automatically gather measurements to generate quantity takeoffs. You can easily add annotations and export to Excel or XML file. You can zoom, rotate and set the other view options for specific area as well. It is free to download but once you have downloaded it, there is mandatory registration required in Blue Book Network to launch the application. Find out more in setup guide manual here –

Cost: Free to use


PriMus-TO construction estimating software

ACCA Software offer free takeoff application called PriMus-TO for small contractors. It’s suitable for any small and midsize jobs. You can create takeoff from any CAD drawing instantly. You can create a price list by manually entering an item description, price and unit of measure, or by referencing a price book. Once you are done with putting measurements and price to drawing entities, the software measures and counts quantities and generates a detailed bill of quantities and construction cost estimate.

Some of features includes:

  • Open DXF/DWG standard CAD formats
  • Raster Management in PDF, BMP, JPG, etc. formats
  • Link up Price List items to Drawing entities
  • Automatically acquire measurements from drawings
  • Your BoQ is updated as your drawing changes
  • Use your own CAD or the integrated PriMus-TO internal CAD
  • Learn quickly with the FREE Video Tutorials

Cost: Free to use but if you want to take A4-sized page printed, a small charge – 0.11 USD is required.

Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool

Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool

Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool is mobile application for Estimators who wants to do estimation, generate invoice, record, payments, and manage projects on the go from anywhere. This free construction estimating app is available in ios and Android. This application has an impressive interface and it can save time, Win jobs, Remove bottleneck of Estimating & Invoicing, Easily manage clients for you. If you face any trouble using this software, you can even easily get them via phone, chat or mail for free support.

Features includes in new version:

  • redesigned navigation
  • improved estimate and invoice creation
  • ability to duplicate existing documents
  • improved support for printing documents
  • better use of screen space
  • performance optimizations

Cost: Fee to download. ios | Android 


Free construction estimating software doesn’t always means completely free for lifetime. But most of them are really FREE but some will allow you for a specific period of time, say for 30 days and further upgradation required. So choose them according to your requirement from above suggestion. Enjoy and Keep posted your comments below!