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Concrete Cost Estimator

We have written couple of post on Concrete Cost Estimation which covered Concrete Calculator and Free Concrete Takeoff Sheet already but today we are going to discuss about one of the best rated Concrete Cost Estimator sheet which is designed by “Business Spreadsheets”.

The Concrete Cost Estimator is not a tool but a typical VBA macro driven Cost Estimating Sheet created for business analysis and process management. The template can perform fast and accurate concrete construction estimates in no time. One can work in single excel template to quickly create, build and manage concrete cost estimates. The sheet is pretty flexible and user friendly. It also has some Built-in reporting formats or you can use Excel’s reporting functions. Cost items include Material and Labor costs are already in the template. You will be able to get Price Quotation and Bill of Material as well. Besides, all the basic and advance requirement has been precisely mentioned including, Cost items including Material, Labor costs, On-screen Concrete Calculator and many others. The best part is, they have also made quick video tutorial for fast learning.

The Concrete Cost Estimation sheet is freely available for educational purposes and can be downloaded. Though it also has the premium version that come with me features, few pre build templates etc at the cost $89. We recommend for trial before going for paid version. Check it our here –

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