Web Based Cost Estimating Material TakeOff Tool Free Download

Web Based Cost Estimating Material TakeOff Tool
Estimate is web based Cost Estimating Material Takeoff and Reconciliation Software made especially for civil construction and EPC companies. It is an open source application which includes project Estimation, Rate Analysis, Management of Schedule of Rates, Tender Evaluation, Cost Sheet preparation, BOQ Generation, Audit and Projection. Estimate is a perfect cost estimating tool suitable for different types of businesses. This tool is very accurate and allow flexibility to your project. See its features in detail:

  1. Web-based Construction Estimating Software
  2. Manage Schedule of Rates and Bill of Material (BOM)
  3. Generate Bill of Quantity (BOQ)
  4. Project Costing, Audit, Reconciliation and Projection
  5. Bid management and Analysis
  6. Contacts and Document Management
  7. Generate graphical reports in PDF
  8. Multi user, Access rights can be defined
  9. In-built Arithmetic Parser reduces manual calculations and errors
  10. Prepare Analysis of Rates; include Profits, Contingencies and Overheads
  11. Ships with Basic Calculator and Unit Converter
  12. Flexible, Easy to use and Accurate

Use of Estimate software gives you complete command over time, finance and resources management for your project.

Download this cost estimating software free here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/estimate/files/latest/download

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